Sunday, September 28, 2008

Worth the Wait

Oh! Look what I found!
I've been wanting this book for years.
The pictures are wonderful.
One of my favorite shops in the Lake Michigan coastal town of Saugatuck used to sell this book. While THGGM was admiring old building architecture, I would thumb through this book looking at the fabulous pictures.
Yesterday I found it at the thrift store for 29 cents.
I'm not as tight as I look, because I paid the FULL 29 cents for it and didn't wait until Wednesday when it would have been 15 cents.
You just have to know how to live.
For years I've been a fan of an unknown (to me) painter.
One of his paintings is in this book, and I was able to find out who this person is!
His name is Bernard Pothast (1882-1966),
I am THRILLED to know this.
This will make it easier to chase down prints. Much easier than saying, "I'm looking for a print by an artist who is probably Dutch and painted ordinary looking mothers with children."
And to think that I was informed by a 29 cent thrifted book.

For Famke

I found this little sweater for Famke on Saturday.
I've been looking for sweaters, sweatshirts or jackets to keep around here for when the weather turns cooler.
Found this one, and the colors just seemed perfect.
Color must have been lacking in my life lately, because I am suddenly drawn to it with a passion.
Lucky for me, my passions run cheap.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

I Like These

Today I visited my my two favorite thrift stores.

I did go over my $5 limit, but only because I spent a mere two dollars last week.

This was my favorite find!

I have NO IDEA what these flowers are made out of, it almost feels like wood shavings.

It was the color that caught my eye.

I tried them in a few vases, but they didn't stand up too well in any that I had within reach.
Then, I found the thrifted pot I've had stored away in the garage for a year. That is until last Saturday when EVERYTHING came out.

All week it has been sitting on my dining room table while I tried to decide just where to put it.

It looks like they've belonged together all along.

More Rice Bags

After making a rice bag for Jonge, I thought that I could use one for myself.
Now I can't quit making them.
For this one, I cut apart a thrifted dinner napkin.
This made it very quick and very easy, as I did not need to hem the opening of the 'case'.
The actual rice pillow is made from one of my favorite shirts that unfortunately went through the washer and dryer with an orange crayon. I saved the good parts.
For this one, I mixed in about a teaspoon of lavender with the rice.
It smells very very good!

Ear Ache Rice Pillow

Both Jonge and Famke are suffering from colds this week.
On Wednesday, Jonge developed a terrible ear ache.
So, I made him a 'rice bag' which moms on the internet assure me will bring him comfort.
Well, medicine gave him comfort, but I shall be prepared next time!
I made the rice bag and the pillow case both from thrifted fabric scraps.
Quick, easy, and oh so cute.

Thrifting for Doll House Decor

Today I found two more things for my doll house.

The woven 'sisal' rug, which I am sure is just an old hot pad, but it just screamed 'doll house rug' and since it was 49 cents...

...well, I bought it.

Then, how do you like them apples? They were also 49 cents. They came in a bag with some larger apples and four wooden acorns.

Of course, I had to remove a bakelit button from the salt-dip, but it does make a stunning bowl for apples.

Well. I think so anyway.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Putting a Little Something Away for the Future

When my kids were growing up, I always wanted to buy them Klutz books.
I remember actually buying a few for gifts. Youngest Son learned to juggle, a skill that amazes me (and his nephew and niece) to this day.
I'm always on the look-out for them!
I believe I have twenty of them now.
They are kept in this thrifted picnic basket, awaiting the time when Jonge and Famke will (hopefully!) be as thrilled with them as I am.

Really, truly.
I still get a certain unexplainable joy that I can now purchase these books for under a dollar. Most of them I have only paid 29 cents for.
And while I'm here, picnic baskets and suitcases make fantastic storage.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Wigged Out Wig

I bought this wig for a dollar at the thrift store awhile back.

The only reason I bought it, was the styrofoam head it was on came with it, and I was always looking for those for my small collection of fur hats.

I remember that when we paid for it, the clerk commented on just how many heads that wig had been on that day.

Not intending to ever wear it, I disinfected it and threw it into a box of 'future dress-up stuff'. That box got packed away last year when we moved, and wasn't unpacked until the major garage clean-up on Saturday.

I figured that anything growing in it would have died by now. It came out for Jonge and Famke to play with, but they were not at all impressed with it. Scared nearly to death would be more accurate.

So, I put it on MY head, just to show them how GREAT it is, and, well, if it doesn't EXACTLY match the color of my hair!

My hair is falling out like crazy, so it's nice to know this will be around when I just can't do the comb-over anymore.

I only plan to keep this post up VERY briefly. VERY BRIEFLY.

But, truly, one can find ANYTHING one needs while thrifting!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Today's Treasures

Even though we were tired out from having a garage sale today, I still managed to get myself to a thrift store.
Actually, we brought much of our unsold garage sale stuff TO the thrift store, so while we were there, I shopped just a teensy bit.
I did not even come near to spending my allotted $5.00.
I DID find a Henri J.M. Nouwen book, "The Living Reminder".
Can't wait to start reading it.
My other purchases where craft stuff and old game pieces.
The doll buggy above is a purchase from several years back. This fall I thought I would use it as a plant stand.
I haven't taken it for a walk yet. That just seems weird.

I Have a VINTAGE Refrigerator

While setting up for our garage sale today, Daughter-in-law handed me this tin toy refrigerator and asked me if I would like it.
Oh. My.
I absolutely LOVE this kind of surprise.
It had belonged to her since she was a little girl.
She couldn't remember where she had gotten it, but it looks more like something from when I was a little girl.
I buffed and shined it up really nice.
Unlike my REAL refrigerator, which looks sadly neglected.
But then, it doesn't have AMAZING food PAINTED ON THE INSIDE!
So cool.
So very very refrigeratorly cool.

The Last Garage Sale

Today we held our last garage sale of the year.

This one was our third.

We did very well on the first two, so it is understandable that eventually things would slow down.

Today, we made $40.00.

I rescued some boxes that were not intended for the sale.

Boxes whose contents hadn't been seen since I packed them over a year ago.

So, I had a GREAT time re-finding treasures!

Like this little pitcher.

If I remember correctly, I found it for a dollar at a thrift store.

So pretty!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Kitchen Gadgets

It is SO rainy and dark around here, but I still must show my finds!
The cookie cutter, tart shaper and the shaker were 25 cents.
The cool doily was a dollar.
I could have gone crazy buying sweaters to felt, but, they were not as cheap as I am.
Got a budget. Must stick to it.

Of Books and Book Holders

I found this wonderful quote in a book I found at my favorite thrift store today. I LOVE books like this.

And the book holder! It looks like something from the '70's. I still haven't figured out where I will put it, but it just has such an honest look to it, does it not?

Saturday, September 6, 2008

It was a nice Saturday for thrift shopping. I cannot say that I found a TON of treasure, but I'm happy with just a half ton, somedays.
Much of what I found is shown in posts below, but I love how it looks all piled up together. Ahhh.., Saturday and thrift shopping. Life is.., well, complicated and expensive, but one simply must have an outlet, and this one has this one.

I have a 'thing' for flashcards. I'm not sure what kind, until I SEE them, and then I just KNOW that those are the exact flashcards that I have ALWAYS wanted. ALWAYS.
I DO know how to tell time already, so I shall find some other use for them.
Oh, and look at those three cute little dolls at the very top of the very top picture. They came all together in a baggy for 25 cents.
I don't think it shows up in any of the pictures, but I got a very nice wooden box - the kind you pack full of art supplies and carry around with you. I don't quite see myself doing that, but I just might have to try it.

Small Art

Books like this are not too difficult to find in thrift stores.

I'm not sure why they are not snapped up quicker than they are! I love getting all those tiny pictures printed on such good quality paper! Great for decoupage, popping into a small frame, or even to use as classy art in a dollhouse or shadow box.

And look! It's Rainer Maria Rilke! I love him!

A Whole Lot of Fun for a Dollar

I found a bunch of crochet books today.

Two piles at 50 cents each. I'm always looking for crochet patterns for slippers, and found several. Potholders are more my speed. And, there were even a few patterns for mittens. But, I've since noticed that in the finished pictures, they never show the thumb. Thumbs must be hard to crochet.
Anyway...I would have paid a dollar just to get this lovely graphic!
One books had some very strange looking toys to crochet. Not the cute Amigurumi style that I like so much. No. I would post a picture, but maybe you like them, and I would hate to offend.

Oooo. Ed Emberley.

And for only 25 cents! Jonge is already a fan of finger prints (what kid isn't?) But lest you think I bought this for him, think again. This is mine, Mine, MINE!

Because I really like the birds. Yes. That's why.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pinking Scissors

Tonight I stopped in at half price book day at the local thrift store.
I found one Golden book and one Christmas book.
Then, I found THESE!
I paid $1.49 for this pair of WISS pinking scissors.
And they work very well.
Oh, there truly is treasure everywhere.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I Like Blue and White

I looked at these cups and saucers at my favorite thrift store for a week before I finally bought them.
I love blue and white china,
These are stamped Weidess Bavaria on the bottom.
There are actually only two cups and saucers, I just turned them for the picture. On the side opposite the handle the picture is of a boy.

Each piece was a dollar.
Tonight I googled what was stamped on the bottom, and found that I could replace the saucers for $5.00 a piece, and one of the cups was available for $18.00.
They were described as demitasse cups. I have them setting out with my odd assortment of children's dishes.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Salt Dips

This is an idea I borrowed from my aunt. She has a narrow ledge lined with these. It looks SO charming!

They are simply salt dips, topped with old buttons. I am always looking for Bakelite buttons, leather buttons or large coat buttons to layer together to make the lids. Old pins work nicely, too.

This is an old Avon pin.
I do suppose you could use these to hold very small objects.
To keep the lid from sliding around, glue a smaller button to the underside of the lid.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Thrifting Amusements

I spent a very short amount of time this evening putting together some bookmarks from the flashcards I bought over the weekend.

I'm quite happy with how they came out!
Really, how could I not be, as there isn't much to them!

These were made without my needing to venture into the bowels of my basement for any supplies at all. Not that I'm opposed to going into the basement - I love it down there.
But, everything I use from upstairs means less for me to take downstairs. I'm always thinking.

I very simply punched a hole at one end and added either string, ribbon or ric-rac and attached a button, bell or bead to the end.
Oh, I also used a corner punch on the corners to keep them from getting all bendy.
I did stamp on these with my alphabet stamps. Next time I'm not sure if I will do that.
As I go along I keep thinking of other things I could add to them. I saved all of the cute little plastic earrings Daughter had growing up - even the ones that are currently single. They might look nice attached to the end of the ribbon.