Thursday, March 31, 2011

Vintage Hand Mirror

Number nine in my ever-growing collection of vintage hand mirrors.

I love that this one will not require a wonky plate hanger device to hang it.

But then, no grandchild will have the joy of playing the back of it like it is a guitar.

They are also useful for ceiling wars. Give each child a hand mirror and let them reflect the morning sun coming in the front windows onto the ceiling.

This is fun entertainment until someone flashes Beppe (me) in the eye resulting in a migraine.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Thrifty Pair of Lamps

This will still require a bit of tweaking, but aren't the lamps perfect there? THGGM thinks so. I saw them at Love's Treasures for $10 a piece. That seemed like a very good price for a nice pair of lamps.

But, not being an impulse buyer (snicker) nor a spend thrift (snicker again, as i ONLY spend on thrift) I did not buy them. But I did show them to THGGM.

On Saturday I spend a bit of time thinking about these lamps. So did THGGM (occasionally we do have deep thoughts, but then i get a migraine and he gets depressed so we do try to avoid that. okay. okay. snicker away!) Unbeknownst (i think that unbeknownst is an extremely good word) to me THGGM was also thinking about them. So, out we headed in hopes that the pair were still there.

Somehow we remembered that cash was required, but not that Love's Treasures closes at 2:00 on Saturday.

Yesterday after working all day THGGM and Jonge set out to Hudsonville to see if the pair of lamps were still available. And they were. How's that for a long boring story with a happy ending?

I think they look very nice here, and will look even better once they both have the same kind of light bulb in them.

Plaque Find

Friday and Saturday THGGM and I went to so many thrift/antique shops that I cannot even remember where I picked this up.

But I LOVE it.

So much so that I've spent a good part of this morning trying to get a great picture of it.

I'll just have to settle for 'okay'.

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Perfect Trifecta

Look! I found another one of these cute Emilie Barnes books.
I had the one about manners and the tea party book for quite awhile, so you can imagine my excitement finding another!
And for ten cents. Wow. Ten cents.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tommy Hilfiger Shirt

Found a very nice Tommy Hilfiger shirt for Jonge.
And, a cute little crib quilt for the babies.
It also came with a bumper, but I think I just may alter that into something else. Or, maybe next winter I will start a new trend in scarves!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Just for Fun

One of my favorite places to find small toys for the grand kids is the 50 cent baggie rack at my local thrift store. I have loaded up on plastic animals of all kinds, big and small dinosaurs, tiny dolls, and interesting characters over the years.
Last week I found a few more additions to the Winnie the Pooh collection.
Kado had them all set out on Monday and they just looked like they were having so much fun! Even inviting friends of a different persuasion to the party.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rubber Type Printing Kit

Twice in my lifetime I have paid to have a rubber stamp made of my address.
Twice I have had to move shortly after.
So you can imagine my reluctance to buy another address stamp.

But look at this! Why, I can freely move from place to place and just swap out the address. How handy is this?
So I now have an address stamp. Although THGGM was quick to point out that we rarely send out anything that requires a stamped return address anymore, but WHATEVER.

I also made one that says "Judy made this!"
Although I'm not exactly sure why.

music Music MUSIC

I also spent this dime on myself. Call me a spend thrift if you will, but this one was worth the dime.
Surprisingly, I could just sit down and play it too.
Now, if I could just get THGGM to sing along.
"Oh, we ain't got a barrel of money..."
But I DID have a dime. One thin one.

My Collection Grows!

Saturday was beautiful, especially for the very last day of winter. So THGGM and I took a ride to one of our favorite antique malls, between Holland and Grand Haven.
All I found was another one of these little houses. Since I don't carry around a picture of the ones I already have, I was happy to come home and discover that it is one I don't have.

And at a new-to-us thrift store I found the small windmill tile. For a quarter. I found a bunch of other things, but the weather is murky today and not at all conducive to taking pictures indoors.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekend Find

Saturday we took a quick trip to Holland.
I found a pair of Buster Brown baby shoes at the antique mall, which of course I purchased. I also found two EXCEPTIONAL buys which THGGM held me back from purchasing. It's hard to believe that my life will be worth living without these two things, but he tells me that it will, and mostly, I believe him.
We also went to Ditto.
And look what I found there! Four dinner plates, four sauces, and two cups to add to my set of Johnson Brothers White Regency dishes.

Complete Set of Puzzle Blocks

I was thrilled to find this very nice set of blocks (for one dollar)
and happily purchased them for Kado.
As things do tend to go, it was Jonge and Famke who played with these blocks ALL DAY LONG. Kado never even gave them a passing glance. He DOES love his Bob the Builder though.