Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Bride and Groom

I found some time today to hit two thrift shops.
Besides a lot of cute kid stuff, this was my favorite find!
Well, one of them.
Whatever I find is my favorite.
I'm weird like that.
There will be a wedding in our family in October.
This will remind me.
Like I'd ever forget that.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thrifty Decorating

When we bought this house two years ago I knew that the pink bathroom would remain.

So, I made the decision to LOVE the pink tile, the pink floor, the pink toilet, the pink tub and the pink sink.

And, two years later, I still do.

I think that might be the most thrifty way to live.

Enjoying what you have and making the best of it!

Everything in this picture except for that little china plate hanging on the wall is either thrifted, repurposed or free.

The little china plate THGGM and I bought on our honeymoon in Macinac City over 31 years ago.
And, now I know that color of the tiles.
What else?
Peony Pink!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tea Parties Are in My Future

I'm getting a rather nice collection of children's cups and saucers.
This one was very inexpensive and in nice condition.
I had my other ones stored away, but they are out again.
Someday, I shall have a tea party with Famke and we shall use the good stuff.

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Still wondering if I should use them as salt and pepper shakers, put them in my corner cupboard or turn them into tasseled hangers.
I like them.
Collecting things is fun.
Especially when they are bargain priced.

In Flight Drinks the KLM Way

I've been told that these little bottles are what KLM flights gave their passengers.
This one was still sealed, with the alcohol safe inside.
Found this at the same antique mall where I found my first one.
Looks nice on my Delft shelf.

Kitchen Kitsch

I'm looking for things to brighten up my kitchen. This single chicken shaker was $2.00 also. Two dollars seemed to be my lucky number at the first antique mall in Elk Rapids, MI.

He made himself quite at home in my kitchen. Now.., on to removing that wallpaper and painting the walls 'short bread'.

Green Book Find

This nice little cook book had such a cute graphic that I could not resist.
I love Elk Rapids, MI. Such a beautiful spot on Lake Michigan.
Gorgeous, even in the rain.

Antique Store Find

LOVE the charming picture on this tray!
THGGM found it at an antique mall in Elk Rapids, MI.
@$2.00. They had many unique finds in that price range, which made me a happy girl.
I was on a hunt for a set of primary color tulip juice glasses from a by-gone era. No luck with that. But the hunt turned up many interesting things.