Saturday, September 26, 2009

I've Fallen for Fall

I found this cute quilted pumpkin at my local thrift store. Almost passed on it, but then remembered that we've been trying to add more color on the breeze way using a bunch of old quilts. So, I got it. It's tag said it is from International Silver. Hmm.

And, it does seem to fit right in out there!
The old and VERY comfortable rocker is covered with two pillow shames, which I thrifted for a dollar. They are just laying over the cushions. For a few years the chair was covered in a yellow table cloth that was pinned here, there, and almost everywhere. These are MUCH easier! When they need washing (which, come to think of it, they probably DO) I can just pluck them off and wash them!
And there you have the 'simple' part of "Simply Thrift"!

Clearly, Good Finds!

Today I was able to add a few more cake plates/glass plates to my ever growing collection.
Can't actually tell which ones they are!
But, almost all of them were great finds at local thrift and antique stores.

Other finds from today that are hard to photograph; the white shadow box and the dome!
Not sure what I shall make out of these, but until I decide, I'll just put them in my "someday" box.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Molded Jello Is In My Future

At least now there is hope for it! Having unmolded a few large jellos in my life, the thought of unmolding a bunch of small ones seems a bit daunting. So, this will more than likely appear as little works of something in the future. I've already got quite a few, but I like to 'have my cake (or, jello!) and eat it too' which is somthing I've been told cannot be done. One of my favorite local antique malls - which has very good prices, mostly - has bags of eight - ten molds for around six dollars. All twenty-five of these were in one bag marked $2.50 at my favorite local thrift store.

Budget Friendly

This weekend I EASILY stayed in my budget. Although, everything I purchased was either aluminum, white, or glass - which just does not show up well in pictures. The stoneware mug was 50 cents. And worth it. The cup and saucer are part of a set of four. Plane old plastic. My plan is to switch them with the porcelain cups and saucers that Jonge and Famke play with, as these won't break. At 10 cents a piece, I'd be willing to let them try to find a way to break them!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Bailey's, Reunited And It Feels So Good!

Look! I found a Mr. Bailey to go with Mrs. Bailey.
I'd always thought she looked lonely.
Mr. Bailey was $7.00. I almost passed over him until I saw a 50% off sign hanging over the table.
He's mine now. Or, rather Mrs. Bailey's.
She'd been wondering were he was all this time.

Seven Pink Candle-holding Girls

I remember the thrill I got when I found the little blue candle-holder boy!
Seriously, it does not take a lot to thrill me.
So, one can imagine my delight when I found SEVEN of the pink candle-holding girls at the antique mall in Lake Odessa!
VERY delighted. These girls even came with pink plain candle holders too. Wow. Imagine that.
Anyway.., they were also an additional 35% off the already remarkably good price.
They're just too too cute! Now, who has the next birthday, I wonder?

Primary Color Tulip Glasses

This weekend we have done quite a bit of thrift and antique shopping. For about two years now I've been looking for a set of clear glasses with primary color tulips. I've not been able to find a complete set for less than $36.00. This of course means that I don't have any exactly like that yet. Because, after all, I am poor. Or cheap. You chose. So, today I broke down and bought these two. The rims are somewhat different but they were $2. 70 each. Like all my stuff, they make me temporarily happy.