Friday, September 23, 2011

Fun Friday

Just a sampling of the things I found today at Love's Treasures, Ditto, and Wooden Shoe Antique Mall.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lenox Swan

Today was one of those days when THGGM's workday ended at 2:00.
He had some errands to run and dropped me off at Nice Twice. The man loves to thrift shop, but only briefly.
Normally we venture in on Saturday for maybe 30 minutes. Which is what we did on Saturday.
I didn't really think there would be much more by Tuesday, but I was wrong.

Sometimes I like to be wrong.
Look what I found, and for $3.50.
A Lenox Swan!
This one's bigger. I like it.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A New Pig for Me

My mom had the pig salt and pepper shakers in her kitchen since my sisters were very little girls. They were a Christmas gift from her two nieces, back when she only had two nieces. They were something that she treasured.

This weekend while in Spring Lake I found the polka dot pig. It was only $4.00.

Did you hear me squeal?

Because I did. Just like a pig.

Salt Shaker

Found this salt shaker angel for less than a dollar.

For this one I plan to add a tassel to the bottom and a wire for hanging at the top.

Hopefully in time for Christmas!

Never Too Many Pots

Over the weekend we made a stop at our favorite antique places in Spring Lake.  One of them has very high quality antiques and prices to match.  Of course it was there that I found something that I wanted.  A small chamber pot.  I was shocked that the price was so low.  Maybe there is no longer a run on ironstone chamber pots?  Anyway.., I was able to convince THGGM that having a small ironstone chamber pot could only increase the value of our house, what with having another potty and all.  He found the Autumn Cottage magazine.  I'd wanted it when it came out, but thought the 10 dollar price a bit steep as it didn't up the value of our house or anything.  Usually magazines in antique stores cost about a dollar, which seems reasonable to me.  So the woman at the desk rang up the adorable small ironstone chamber pot, wrapped it, put it in a bag, and stuck in the magazine.  THGGM looked at her and said, "You forgot to charge me for the magazine."  Her reply was, "I get so many magazines that I just bring them here when I'm done and give them away."  Well now.  That adorable small ironstone chamber pot with the 'Royal Ironstone' stamp on the bottom of it just became MUCH better priced!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Van Gogh

Stop me if you've heard this one.

THGGM surprised me with this print awhile back.

It had been in a thrift store for quite a while. I was reading through a Van Gogh biography at the time.

Can't say that I'd ever been a fan until I read that book (i also found the book at the thrift store!).

Anyway, it was priced high in my humble opinion.

But one day on his way home from work THGGM drove past the store, noticed that pictures were advertized as 50% off, AND he had a 20% off punch card that was full.

So, now I have the print hanging in my dining room.

And I love it!

Although not nearly as much as I love THGGM.