Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pinking Scissors

Tonight I stopped in at half price book day at the local thrift store.
I found one Golden book and one Christmas book.
Then, I found THESE!
I paid $1.49 for this pair of WISS pinking scissors.
And they work very well.
Oh, there truly is treasure everywhere.


Me said...

I bought some a few months back for 1.75 it was Providential because I had been thinking that I needed pinking shearers

Judy said...

Do people not realize the value of a good scissors?

I've seen them before, but they showed signs of extreme wear.

These work well and seem to have been properly maintained.

Me said...

Most people don't want to pink things - mine was in perfect condition and whoever owned it before had written their last name WOLD on the blade. I bet crazy spinster Aunt Jane who spent her days making yo-yo dolls died and her relatives hauled boxes of her stuff to Bible's for Missions without ever caring or looking.