Thursday, September 25, 2008

Putting a Little Something Away for the Future

When my kids were growing up, I always wanted to buy them Klutz books.
I remember actually buying a few for gifts. Youngest Son learned to juggle, a skill that amazes me (and his nephew and niece) to this day.
I'm always on the look-out for them!
I believe I have twenty of them now.
They are kept in this thrifted picnic basket, awaiting the time when Jonge and Famke will (hopefully!) be as thrilled with them as I am.

Really, truly.
I still get a certain unexplainable joy that I can now purchase these books for under a dollar. Most of them I have only paid 29 cents for.
And while I'm here, picnic baskets and suitcases make fantastic storage.


Apron Thrift Girl said...

I just love photos of books. I don't know why but it is pure joy to see them. What a beautiful collection you have.

Lauren Caddo said...

And a tiny rice bag with lavender would keep them smelling to nice in a suitcase or picnic basket! Love your rice bags.