Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Weekend Find

 I was very sad when Sunday came cold and rainy.  Our plan was to go to the Allegan Antiques Flea Market, but it was so dark to the south of us that we headed north instead.  I found these along the lake shore between Holland and Grand Haven.  And this isn't all.  There are three more canisters and six spice jars.  What a deal.  I have wanted a set for a very long time.  They aren't perfect, but the price was.  And when we went to pay we discovered that they were also on sale.  And yes, I am going to use them.  My Truvia is in the sugar canister and my green tea is in the tea canister.

More Blue and White Spice Jars

The four spice jars on the middle shelf were also a Traverse City find.  They are cute and fit in perfectly.  These were one of those finds that had me singing for joy (well, in my head anyway...) for the rest of the day.

Higgledy Piggledy

Look what I found while on vacation in May!  It's been a busy summer.  I've done quite a bit of thrift and antique shopping, but more often I'm buying practical and kid friendly things.  But I just HAD to show you the adorable baby plate I found somewhere in Traverse City.  Oh, and there is more.., of course, there is more.  So stay tuned.