Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas Eve Find

Christmas Eve found me with A LOT to do. But THGGM and I took a break to go out for breakfast and hit our favorite thrift store. I was surprised that they were open! While we passed crowds in parking lots we were just about the only people at the thrift store. THGGM had a 20% off punch card and I had my eyes set on this jumping horse. Somehow I had it in my head that I NEEDED this.
And, I have to tell you I was correct! On Christmas Day alone I got my $6.00 worth out of it. Even if we had sent it right back to the thrift store the next day, it was worth it. It's VERY sturdy and stood up to the furious bouncing of a good sized five year old and his two younger siblings.
Later we found a small one at an antique mall. It was in rough shape, yet was tagged for over sixty dollars.
I'm thinking we'll be keeping this for a while longer.

Simply FREE!

Yes. This is true. Can you believe it? A friend of ours sent me a Facebook message on the 31st asking if I might possibly be interested in an oak barrister he was getting rid of.
This kind friend even delivered it to us and set it up. Wow. He was very apologetic about it's condition, but it is TRULY in wonderful condition! Two of the three windows will need replacing, but as luck would have it, one of our daughters-in-law works at a glass company.
THGGM is working to set up an office for himself in our basement. Once he gets it all fixed up and properly arranged I'll try to remember to post more pictures!