Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ironstone Pitcher

Looky what I found!
At the thrift store just around the corner and down the street from me.
It's Johnson Brothers.
Already I've reworked the mantle for Christmas and have included it into the mix.
No Black Friday shopping for me, but on Saturday I'll fight you for a good thrift store deal.

More Pitchers

It's true.
I've never met a pitcher I didn't like.
Especially that Dutch one.
Oooo. Love it!
I cannot believe I found it at a THRIFT STORE.

Too Cute!

Yes. At a different thrift store than the one I bought the planter from (see below) the nice lady was ringing up my purchases.
I was not going to get this, because the spout has a not-very-good-repair. But of course, I would have purchased just the cup for the price of the two, so I went back and got it.
I don't need this.
But musical elves riding bugs?
THGGM likes to point out that if the day comes when we will have to live under a bridge somewhere, at least we shall be able to serve a proper tea.

One Dollar Planter

I almost didn't get this. But while my other finds were being rung up, I went back and got her. For one dollar? How could I not? All she needed were greens and lighting.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Such Cheap Fun

The bird house bank looked a wee bit lonely.
So, I added four trees and a boy.
Of course, I'm only going to build on it from here.

I wonder if there are people who buy thrifted decor each season and then just give it back after Christmas?

It might be great fun!

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Yes. I have Wedgwood Christmas China.

One bowl.

It's a nice start considering that last week I didn't have any.

What To Do

Last weekend I found four of these Pfaltzgraff dinner plates for 69 cents each.

I'm not sure yet what I will do with them, but I'm going to do SOMETHING.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More Lenox Swans

Just a few weeks ago I found the larger swan on the left at my local thrift store.
The middle size and the smaller swan showed up at two different antique malls in Wisconsin.
I'm thinking that I won't need to buy anymore swans ever again.
But won't the ones I already have look great with ribbon tied around their necks for the holidays?
Yes. I thought so too.

Thrilling Find

Some time ago I found five of the yellow leaf embossed cups.
While antique shopping in Wisconsin last week I found a sixth one.
Little finds like this make me very happy.
And now that I look at the picture I am made aware that my kitchen table is not level. Not level AT ALL.

I Raise My Tiny Thrifted Restaurant Cup to You

Okay. I cannot account as to why, but I'm crazy about restaurant china.
This cup is very tiny, which makes it even more special.
A long time ago I bought up this pattern of china for 25 cents a piece. I've thinned it out to service for eight plus a few interesting pieces.
Like this one.
Who knows. Someday Famke and I might advance from playing tea party to playing school cafeteria.
Hey! I have those big red plastic trays around here, somewhere...

Year 'Round Tomatoes

Aren't these FUN?

Well, I think so.

They are WOODEN tomatoes.

Seriously real looking.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

This Little Piggy

This is a pig planter.

I wasn't looking for a planter, but it does sort of match the few pig things that I have, and the price WAS right.

Last week I found a LARGE piggy bank similar to this - with polka dots.

THGGM said it was TOO big even though it was on a fantastic sale at an already terrific price. So I didn't get it.

I cannot get that piggy bank out of my mind.

Yeah. "Out of my mind" pretty much sums it up over here.

Another Cute Couple

Normally I'm not on the look out for such brightly painted bisque dolls.

But these two?

Don't they just tell a story?

It's in the eyes, I believe.