Monday, October 26, 2009

Yet Another Green Book

The picture on the dust jacket caught my eye. Then I recognized the author. And, when I saw that the actual book was green, how could I pass it up? AND it was on sale. For one dollar and twenty cents. It appears to be a first addition, but since I paid so little for it, I'm thinking that I shall make something of the dust jacket. The book can live happily ever after in my green book collection.

Mr Stevenson Could Sure Write a Poem

It's impossible for me to pass up a great deal on a great copy of "A Child's Garden of Verses.
I love the illustrations in this copy. All for $1.20.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ooo! Shiny Things!

Have I reached that age where I am again grasping at shiny things as I pass buy?
A particular jewelry booth had EVERYTHING marked for $2.00.
Two of these sets of earrings were marked $8 and the one on the right was marked $18. That does seem like too high of a price to me.
But, shiny things for two dollars?
I'm in!
I've already tried the marcasite earrings on an old picture frame, and they look charming! The rest will adorn something.., or maybe just add some sparkle to my porcelain dental tray in the bathroom.

A Bracelet OR a Tiara

Today I truly DO feel like a Raggedy Ann in a Barbie Doll world.
Oh, well.

Raggedy Ann can wear it somedays, and somedays I shall wear it myself.
On my wrist.
Of course. You knew that.

Only Two Books this Week

Anything illustrated by Eloise Wilkins I cannot pass up. This one set me back 60 cents.
Although, when WE sing "Rock-a-bye Baby" I CATCH the baby.
What a strange thing, a lullaby where a baby gets blown out of a tree.
These are the things that would keep a kid up all night.

The homey feel of Thyra Ferre' Bjorn books appeal to me. There are now nine in my collection. Two are duplicates. This is one I did not have! I squealed like a pig when I saw it. And for a quarter.
Ahhh. Thrift shopping.

All This FUN for Only a Dollar

Everything you see here for $1.00.
Oh, the fun we shall have!
I LOVE the plastic cars. I already have a car and a truck. Rather indestructible - made in Sweden.
The beads look like they would make excellent stringing beads for some great necklaces. And, when that fun has worn off, beads glued to the bottom of a wooden box give the box a bit more presence.

Friday, October 23, 2009


I've been collecting cookie cutters for years now.
My favorites are the red and green wooden handled kind.
Usually I keep them in a wooden or yellow ware bowl.
But today I noticed a large mason jar and just shoved them into that.
Suddenly, I had what looked to me like a lovely Christmas decoration.
Since most of them have been picked up at thrift stores, I've not paid much for them.
I cannot remember the last time I've made cut-out cookies with them, but I have crafted a few felt pins.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Monday's Finds

Monday found me at my neighborhood thrift store.

I was actually dropping stuff off, but you know how it is, I had to go inside and look around for just a bit.

I found lovely wooden napkin rings, which seem like they would have dozens of uses - at least that is what I tell THGGM.

Little wooden buttons - I can think of a lot of things to do with those, but I actually like how they look just sitting there in a little bowl.

Which, of course, was also a thrift find!

And the Vogart transfers! I've been looking for a great blue bird to embroidery on something.

I do buy "somethings" to embroidery

on, so all I need to do is do it!

I did find the GREATEST thing ever at the thrift store last week, but THGGM put his foot down and said that I could not buy it. A LOVELY set of cornflower dishes. Service for many. Eight, I believe it was. I have a few odd pieces that I've picked up here and there, but haven't seen a complete set in quite some time.
Oh, well. He rarely tells me no, so when he does, I listen and obey!
Now. If only I could master doing that without all the whining and complaining.
I'm such a work in progress.