Thursday, October 7, 2010

Animal Rummy

A complete deck of these adorable Animal Rummy cards for only 39 cents.

I'm hoping to turn them into book markers.

If I only make one and sell it for one dollar I'll have more than doubled my money!

One Dollar

For me, the most surprising finds at my neighborhood thrift store are doilies. I know that they are long out of style, but the work that goes into one? They should cost hundreds of dollars. I know this, because I once bought a crochet book, a hook, and some thread and set off to learn to crochet a doily while my family played along the beaches of Lake Michigan. It is tediously hard work. If I remember correctly, I got something about the size of a silver dollar except it would not lay flat.
this piece is not crochet, and it doesn't look like tatting either.
But it's beautiful and flawless and works perfectly for me!

Truly Cannot Say

These are Dutch, crochet, and come as a hanging pair. The perfect trifecta!

Other than that, I have no idea why I bought them.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Oh! I Am SOOO Excited!

Not so much for the wooden shoe planter, although I do like it very much. And, I usually find these in the Holland area antique venues for between four - twelve dollars, which seems outrageous to me. This one was 50 cents at the local thrift store. They sell empty apple sauce containers for that much, so obviously they have yet to find the value in an old wooden shoe planter. 50 cents. No kidding.

But, the find I am excited about is the book "The Primitive", written by a relative of THGGM. He also wrote under the pen name of Fredrick Manfred. I like this one with the actual family name on it.

Not that we knew Feike Feikema at all, but we do have a picture of him standing next to THGGM's grandpa in the backyard of the house we lived in for twelve years. I think that's special.

Yes. Yes I do.