Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy to Find This!

At first I passed on this photo album. I'm not much into photo albums, and this one claimed to be scented, and I am REALLY not into that.

But, then I went back to it a few times. Opened it up. Looked at each page. There was no scent anymore. The album was made in 1992. I have SUCH a hard time believing that 1992 was 18 years ago.


the more I looked at it, the more it took on a certain charm.

I could rip it apart! I could use each page as mats for pictures I could frame.

So, I bought it.

These are just two of the pages.
I'm excited to get busy with this!


Yes. It IS true that I am getting rid of 25 things a week. Mostly clothes and books.

So, I'm seriously analyzing everything I buy with this thought: Will I actually DO something with it?

These two items passed that first question.

Kado will use the pan. He LOVES his coffee pot. This pan will fit right in with his 'make believe' cooking. And, at 49 cents it cost MUCH less than the toy kind.
And the little sewing school box? Oh, yes. Although I think I shall paint it and make it into a home for my spool people. It could be the Spool School.

Sew Fablous!

This book retails for $22.99. It came out in 2008 and I have wanted it since I first heard of it. But, being thrifty and all that, I cannot spend $22.99 on craft books, unless it is my birthday or something. Even then, I like gift certificates to thrift/antique/craft stores for my birthday (hint, hint).
So, when I found this at Somewhere In Thyme, I did not think it would be as inexpensive as it was.
Faintly written inside the cover? $2.95.
And it was 20% off.
I also found an Oct/Nov 1997 Home Companion magazine. For 90 cents.
Oh, yes. I am oh so very happy.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Some People

While I was returning my shopping basket I overheard THGGM say to the thrift store sales lady, "This is proof that ANYTHING will sell."
Somedays I find him hard to like.
Isn't this just the COOLEST tin?
I think it needs a plant.