Saturday, August 29, 2009

Its All About the Colors

This chicken with the red measuring spoons (a very unusual place for spoons one would think) was just too cute for me to pass up. And, it was cheap, just like me. I am also a chicken.
Someday, I do believe I shall actually get the wallpaper off of my kitchen walls and get ALL of it painted a lovely shade of 'shortbread'.
And, when that day comes, I think this chicken will look nice in there.
Oh, and the one in the picture also.

Me Neither

I found a great old book of poems for children.
This one is a favorite of mine.
So many times I am told that old books aren't worth much.
That just should not be.

Pink Addition to the Pink Bathroom

I've already forgetten how much I paid for this little bowl at the antique mall today, but it wasn't much, and the wasn't much price to begin with was also 40% off.
Wouldn't you say it sort of goes with the toothbrush holder?
Only two people live here. I'm not sure where all those toothbrushes come from.
Anyway.., I liked the bowl.

A Dollars Worth of Entertainment

Does everyone but ME know about this book?
It is THE book that I always hoped would be available in anthology form, and LOOK! It is!
It contains writings by a very large number of well known authors and THEIR choice of what was their favorite of their writings (how many times can one person use the work 'their' in one short sentence?).
Sadly, Theodore Dreiser's choice was NOT "The Old Neighborhood", but I guess he is entitled to be wrong.
And, Thornton Wilder's was NOT "The Angel That Troubled the Waters", so I shall probably never get to actually read it.
But, oh well. This will keep me entertained for quite some time, I believe.
Seriously. Did YOU know about this, and just weren't telling me?

Yarn Bag

This lovely yarn bag I found at the thrift store this morning. $2.50.
I cannot remember the last time I crocheted, but I have been known to make pompoms out of wool yarn.
That seems to entitle me to a yarn bag.
Oh. And, since I now have three (or is it four?) I guess I have a collection of them. This one is very nicely lined.
I have a plan for them, but I do not dare share just what that is. Because WHENEVER I have a plan and actually share it with someone, it seems to never happen.
Why IS that?
Anyway.., I really like this.

hoop, Hoop, HOOP

Many many months ago, I found an idea in a Country Living magazine. Someone had traced the hand of their three children, and embroidered them. Since then, I have been looking for hoops. This is my third one - and I also found two linen napkins to stitch on! Although, that brings me to this dilemma, now must I stitch them using linen thread? Or, would that only matter if I planned to use them, which would require washing? I hope they turn out.