Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Wigged Out Wig

I bought this wig for a dollar at the thrift store awhile back.

The only reason I bought it, was the styrofoam head it was on came with it, and I was always looking for those for my small collection of fur hats.

I remember that when we paid for it, the clerk commented on just how many heads that wig had been on that day.

Not intending to ever wear it, I disinfected it and threw it into a box of 'future dress-up stuff'. That box got packed away last year when we moved, and wasn't unpacked until the major garage clean-up on Saturday.

I figured that anything growing in it would have died by now. It came out for Jonge and Famke to play with, but they were not at all impressed with it. Scared nearly to death would be more accurate.

So, I put it on MY head, just to show them how GREAT it is, and, well, if it doesn't EXACTLY match the color of my hair!

My hair is falling out like crazy, so it's nice to know this will be around when I just can't do the comb-over anymore.

I only plan to keep this post up VERY briefly. VERY BRIEFLY.

But, truly, one can find ANYTHING one needs while thrifting!


nancyr said...

Maybe it is the season for "shedding" hair. I know mine is coming out at a scary rate. Then, yesterday, I visited my mom, and she has the most beautiful, THICK hair, and it was coming out in scary amounts.
Hopefully, we all won't be bald!

Me said...

You make me laugh.

And to your proposal - oh - how I would love too. I remember you telling me about the twelve years of hardship that I can't even imagine. You are a braver and stronger woman than I.

Simply Thrift said...

Nancy, funny you should mention that. My mom, whose hair HAD been thinning, is also looking thick.

And 'me'. I could not begin to express how not brave and not strong I was during those 12 years.