Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cute Doll

Took a trip to Ditto today.
There I found this adorable doll for $2.50.
I don't really NEED anymore dolls, but I could just tell that she needed me.
Just look at that pout!
And that tear!
I do not have tears, so I find them intriguing, even on a doll.
When I got her home I found some information on her neck.

She is a White Balloon doll, manufactured in Spain.

Her name is Milly.

I really like her.  Hope my Big Doll doesn't get all kinds of jealous over this.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Somebody Made This

I found this cross-stitched piece for THREE DOLLARS at the thrift store.  Somebody made this for somebody and that somebody gave it away!  It's very nicely stitched, and must have taken a very long time to do.  While I still have nap-taking grand kids I will use it to cover them.  

Perfect Plates

Two eight inch plates.  I admit, I squealed when I saw these.  Although if you must know, I squeal silently so as not to disturb the other shoppers.

My Flowers This Year - PICTURES

OOooo!  How happy I was to find this very nice set of stacking boxes.

Very nice graphics.  I miss my Black-eyed Susans, which didn't come up this year.

In other news, we cannot seem to get rid of the Pokeweed, which is beautiful but dangerous to have with so many children around.

Of course I am telling myself that I bought these for the grandkids, but seriously?  Could YOU have resisted these?  

Thrift Shopping Allows Me to Buy Better Quality

All clothing was 50% off at the neighborhood thrift store.  Normally I do not post pictures of much of the clothing that I find, but I'll make an exception this time.  Because this is an EXCEPTIONALLY cute little sweater.

Hertsje is  five months old, and the sweater is an 18-24  month, but  I can see it coming in handy on those days that suddenly turn cool.  And oh, after this summer, will I be excited to see THOSE days again!

I had to track down someone to ask about the price, as it was hanging on the 'boutique' rack but didn't have a tag on it.  The volunteer worker told me that it was not boutique, which means I paid $1.50 for this sweet sweater.

I would have paid that much for just the buttons!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fun Find

Look what I found!  A Fisher Price Little People Big Bird!

He was in a bag of 50 cent toys.  I purchased the bag, took out
Big Bird and gave the rest back.  50 cents seemed like a
perfectly fair price to me.  Now I have Gordon, Mr. Hooper and
Big Bird.  Although Gordon and Mr. Hooper seem to have
run off somewhere...

Cute Sevres Plate

Last week THGGM had the week off.  We spent some time thrift shopping
and antiquing along the shores of Lake Michigan.  And look what I
found!  A Sevres plate!

See?  It says Sevres right on the bottom,
just like the mug I bought in May.

Same picture too!

The picture on the mug is much clearer.

On the plate I just purchased the little Dutch girl looks as
if she might be a bit sick to her stomach.  Oh, well.  I love
her just the same!