Saturday, February 28, 2009

Just What We Were Looking For

THGGM installed really bright track lighting in our pink bathroom.
Still, we have been looking for a more ambient way of lighting to use when we don't need 'surgical grade' light.

And look!
Today while we were shopping at Somewhere in Thyme (on Chicago Dr. in Grandville) he found this lamp!
It's perfect!
The only problem I'm having with it is how to hide the ugly green (green? green!) cord.
I love how the flowers on the lamp match the applique on the guest towels.
I found two great things there also.
Another of the 'pink tulip dutch girl' drinking glass (pictured further below) and...
a lovely old flannel quilted blanket. Two years ago I found one at an antique store and Jonge took to it immediately. This one is crib size, and only needs a few stitches. Amazing how soft and warm it is (see below).

I'll Know I Need It When I See It

Today was a good day to be out and about.
I found this flannel crib quilt on the clearance rack at "Somewhere in Thyme" on Chicago Dr. in Grandville. Love that place.

I found all of these rings for 50 cents at the thrift store. I have some purses that still need handles, and the tiny ones.., well.., I'll try some tiny purses, or let Famke wear them as bracelets.

And all this ribbon was a dime.
I also paid a dime for three nice embroidery hoops. I had the pictures here, but they seemed to have disappeared..
Thankfully, no shelves full of china crashed at my feet today.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Thrifty Thrifting

Today I came in 'under budget' on my thrifting.
I spent $4. 51 cents.
One of the things I found was the collar on the first of my 'hat head' friends.
It was a dollar.
As I was scanning a shelf of Buffalo china, it collapsed right in front of me. The sound was deafening. DOZENS of lovely pieces of china broke into bits and landed in my basket. and on the floor all around me.
Thankfully I am in there enough that the nice lady who came to my aid knew I wasn't the kind who goes around throwing shelves full of china to the floor.
See below for more of my cheap finds.

Tiny Toys with which to Tinker

I found the "home version" of tinker-toys while thrifting today.
Fifty cents.
The can had never been opened.
So, now besides my larger Tinker Toy picture holders, I have some that are even smaller.
What a happy life one can have if one is willing to be easily amused.
Well, THIS one, anyway.

Winter clothing was buy one get two free at my favorite thrift store today!

I found this lovely Gap sweater for Famke.

I didn't find any clothes for me this time.

But, I managed to also score two little baby boy outfits. For free.

Free. I like free.

My Reading Corner

Well. This seems to be the best I can do in getting a picture of THGGM's purchase at the 50% off sale at our favorite thrift store (Nice Twice on 28th in Grandville).
It's a deeper color than this washed-out picture shows.
Anyway, it is giving me a nice little reading corner in the bedroom.
The chair is a Thomasville, and it is VERY comfortable. So comfortable in fact that I must move the cat anytime I want to sit there.
Today they had a wonderful old desk - the kind I remember my elementary school teachers having. It was $125.00.
I wanted it. But, I have learned that I do not always get what I want.
A year or so ago a similar desk sold for $25.00.
Times, they are a changing.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Saturday's Thrift Finds

I did quite well thrift shopping Saturday. I found these four plates for half price. Four for a dollar isn't bad.
I also picked up three linen dresser scarves and the embroidery one that sort of shows in the picture. AND, a yard and three quarters of white fabric for very cheap.
Now that I've started a 'dress up drawer' I'm snatching up scarves too. It still seems that I'm more into the dress up idea than Jonge and Famke are. They like to gather around ME and put all that stuff on ME. Not the other way around. No. They don't go for that. If they did, there would be pictures.

On Saturday

My favorite thrift store had clothes 'buy two get one free'.
I found two shirts for me, and could find nothing else.
Then, I found some 2T 'Cars' pajamas. Famke LOVES them.
At my second favorite thrift store I found the Osh-gosh jacket for her.
The picture is of Jonge and Famke showing me how their new baby brother will sleep in this bed soon. It also represents the only day this week I got anything done. They LOVED playing in there. But not nearly as much as I loved knowing exactly where they were!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Inch by Inch

It took three separate purchases over a couple of years, but LOOK!

A Marble Run!

I cannot remember just exactly how much I paid each time, but I do know that it was just a few dollars for everything.

Since I am not inclined AT ALL to put things like this together, I gave that task to THGGM.

I also gave him a copy of the Rosie Hippo Toy Catalog and he nearly fainted when he saw the price.

I think he REALLY likes it now!

Still, if you happen to have the money, please do purchase products from Rosie Hippo. They do have GREAT toys for children.

THGGM is having a lot of fun with this!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

One Body, Many Aprons

Aprons, much like love, cover a multitude of sins.
I have a coat tree in my kitchen with aprons on it.
The ones on the left and the right I embroidered on thrifted aprons using new patterns by Hillary Lang.
The one in the middle I found yesterday while antique shopping. It isn't an antique, and was obviously machine embroidered, but I love it anyway.
So, I guess I collect aprons now too.

Good Enough For Now

Well. THIS certainly was hard to get a picture of.
What I'm looking for is a set of small juice glasses with primary color tulips on them. Or, different flowers even.
When I didn't like them, or want them I saw them EVERYWHERE.
Now that I do, well, I have found a few sets, but as sets they are waaaay out of my price range.
For example, while antique shopping last year I found several sets of four or six for around $32.
So, since I'm not willing (or able) to pay that much I shall attempt to find them one at a time.
This one is a regular size drinking glass, but the happy little Dutch girl, the pink tulips and the fact that it was on sale was enough for me!

Ephemera Finds

I did not ONLY thrift shop yesterday. THGGM and I also went to his favorite antique mall.
They were having great sales too, in almost every booth.
But as I turned the corner to go into my favorite booth for finding vintage embroidery patterns and all things crafty - it was GONE.
I nearly broke down and cried.
Secretly, I think THGGM was a wee bit thrilled about it. Not that he is mean or anything, he is a very nice man. But, he is not into vintage ephemera at all.
Thankfully, another booth had some.
I fear the antique mall as I have known it is soon to go the way of the dinosaur.

Thrifty Dress-Up

For months now I've been meaning to start an official 'dress up' box for Jonge and Famke.

We DO play dress up, but generally just grab at stuff that's laying around (what? YOU don't have stuff just laying around? please send me your secrets.)

Today I actually put some things into the bottom drawer of the secretary in the living room.

These two scarves were the first things to I put in. Both are lovely brand name scarves that I would wear if I were the scarf-wearing kind, but, I'm not.

I got them both for 50 cents. And, they certainly do not take up the drawer space that, say, a thrifted mink coat would.

See? I am thrifty AND practical.

Kids Stuff and Child's Play

Considering that the 50% off sale had been going on all week and I didn't get there until the last day, I think I did really well!
Piglet and Bob will make two children I know very happy.
Not shown, I found three sets of kid's card games, one of "The Wiggles". I might save that for me though. I really do love those wiggly Wiggles. Oh, and I found a really cute Elmo jacket for Jonge.

To Tin or Not To Tin

I've always been fond of tins. At one point I had so many that I decided to get rid of them. That doesn't sound like me at all, I know. Actually, I do not remember getting rid of them, but since I do not have those anymore, I must have.

These aren't old or special or anything like what I used to have, but I did very much like the graphics on them. And, they were only 25 cents, well, half that since everything was 50% off.

I'm thinking that if I decide not to keep them, I shall embellish them with Little Spool People and give them as gifts.

I won't. But it's true. I AM thinking that.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Oh What FUN a Quarter Can Buy

Today there was sunshine!
I recharged my camera batteries and went a wee bit snap-happy.
I love to thrift shop for Little Golden Books.
I'm not all that concerned with condition, because if it is not in good condition I will alter it until it 'fits' what I'm after.
This one is my third of fourth copy of "The Little Red Hen".
It has all the colors I want in my kitchen, and ohhhh how I do want freshly baked bread in there, too.
Diamond Glaze was used to give the cover some texture and shine. My plan was to also drill holes at the top and hang it by a red ribbon. Until I realized that I have no nobs in the kitchen from which to hang it.
So, it leans. And looks pretty good.
Such a GREAT book, too!
And all for a quarter.