Saturday, September 6, 2008

It was a nice Saturday for thrift shopping. I cannot say that I found a TON of treasure, but I'm happy with just a half ton, somedays.
Much of what I found is shown in posts below, but I love how it looks all piled up together. Ahhh.., Saturday and thrift shopping. Life is.., well, complicated and expensive, but one simply must have an outlet, and this one has this one.

I have a 'thing' for flashcards. I'm not sure what kind, until I SEE them, and then I just KNOW that those are the exact flashcards that I have ALWAYS wanted. ALWAYS.
I DO know how to tell time already, so I shall find some other use for them.
Oh, and look at those three cute little dolls at the very top of the very top picture. They came all together in a baggy for 25 cents.
I don't think it shows up in any of the pictures, but I got a very nice wooden box - the kind you pack full of art supplies and carry around with you. I don't quite see myself doing that, but I just might have to try it.

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