Sunday, June 26, 2011

THGGM found this today at the local flea market.
He finds pretty good stuff there. Last week he found a Radio Flyer Wagon. Daughter was looking for one for the kids. Today he didn't find much, and only came home with this one thing. It's in rough shape, but who isn't? Nothing a bit of sanding and some paint won't help.

Actually, I didn't like it all that much until he told me the price. One dollar and fifty cents.

Now I LOVE it!

I have a spider plant that should fit nicely in that indent on the top.

Once it's done I have just the spot for it!

Friday, June 17, 2011

I Left Some for You!

Today I went to Love's Treasure's on Van Buren in Hudsonville.

They had an odd corner with a shelf full of bins of rubber stamps.

My heart does flop around quite a bit on it's own accord, but this time the cause was all of the stamps!

These three vintage ladies look as if they have never been out of the box.

These two bird stamps look new, too!

And, I thought I'd let you know that I left some for you!

There were more birds, lot's of kits, some Stampin' Up! and quite a few Hero Arts and Darcey.

I believe I saw quite a few background stamps, quotes (one by Emerson), part of "The Night Before Christmas", several large flower stamps (similar to the birds) a really cool large stamp of an old Tractor, and a bunch of barns and chickens too!

I wanted them all.

THGGM was appalled that I bought any.

Then I told him that they were all for him. For Father's Day (he didn't buy it. but i did). Now, I gave you fair warning. There is no guarentee that I will not go back there tomorrow to buy some more. Except that I am out of money, but maybe if I gather up all of the empty pop cans in my pantry I can pick up just a few more.

The bird stamps were $3.00 each and the vintage ladies kit was $4.00.

Spiral Binding Joy!

Oooo. I do like this find!

It cost me $5.00, but I will most likely use it everyday for the rest of my life.

It's bigger print than the 'normal' hymnbook, and it is SPIRAL bound. Not lose-leaf which tends to break down with use.

I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am to not have to prop it open.

And I can see it. (sigh...)

Baby Hangers

At the amazing low low price of .50 cents for SEVEN.

There is a reason why I buy these.

When you want them, they are almost impossible to find. When you don't, they appear in thrift stores everywhere.

Someday I may want them.

See? I CAN plan ahead. At least for odd things like this.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Thrift Shop Joy!

Sooo very happy to find this!

THGGM bought me the Grandmother's book on the right for my birthday. I had pointed it out to him in a book store, and he remembered that I said I wanted it. And, I LOOOVE it.

I was a teensy bit upset that he bought it at the book store, but he assured me that he used his discount card AND had a coupon.

I found the "Moms" book at a thrift store this week. For a dollar.

The pictures are oh so very charming. I've been thumbing through both of these books this afternoon. Such a pleasant thing to do!

Seriously. We are all about babies over here.

To House My Money

One of my happy finds on Saturday was this! Is it a bird house? Is it a bank? Isn't it cute? I LOVE the colors!

And it says on the bottom that it was made in Czechoslovakia, so I'm sure it is authentic, as I know no one who could spell that if they didn't have to.

A Collection!

Yes. I have three, and three equals a collection!

The one on the left was my baby spoon. The other two were found this week. All of them are Gerber baby spoons.

We are awaiting the birth of our fourth grandchild, and I have babies on my mind!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Stuff She Bought Along the Way

Well, what do you know? As surprising as this may seem, I managed to find a few things that pleased my eye yesterday.

Babies on My Mind

Sooo happy to find these at the thrift store last week. I used to have one of these. Mine was a souvenir received after a tour of the Gerber Baby Food plant in Fremont, MI.

There isn't much from the tour that I can recall, except that it smelled awful. Like green beans.

But I DO remember a lovely candy store in downtown Fremont - where I bought a bag of sea foam.

Hmm. This was in the sixth grade. What one remembers from childhood sure says a lot!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

So Much Fun

This purchase was made a few months ago. I put it away in the game closet and forgot about it. Friday I brought it out and had Jonge set about to see if all of the pieces were present and accounted for. They were! We did not play the 'game' but he did use the cards to create some amazing things! I'm hoping he realizes that I like playing with game pieces more than I like playing games.

Seriously, the boy played with this the entire afternoon. All this fun for $2.00.