Sunday, May 22, 2011

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Just What I Wanted!

I've been looking for a paper suitcase to make a 'traveling dollhouse' for Famke. Last weekend I tried the craft store, but found nothing that I could even use to improvise.
Today, I only went into ONE thrift store, and LOOK WHAT I FOUND!

A super cute paper suitcase! Can you believe it?!

I wasn't sure about the meaning of the granny square until I opened it up to take a peek inside.

Not only is it a kit for making granny squares, someone already made them and left them inside! And, with two crochet hooks, a scissors, a darning needle, and some pins and needles (which I found the hard way).

All for $2.00.

Seriously. I just cannot get over how I seem to find what I am looking for, and for soooo cheap.

And if you haven't already purchased it, Amy Powers "Inspired Ideas - the Happy Birthday Issue" is where I found the idea for the traveling dollhouse, and much, Much, MUCH more!

Three Grayish Things

Today I only hit one thrift store. I've noticed that the turn over is seeming to be a bit better. I hope this continues!

The first thing I found was the small aluminum pitcher. This will be a nice companion for the small aluminum coffee pot I found last year. The grand kids can play restaurant for HOURS, so they will love this.

And another aluminum pie plate for 25 cents. Tonight we actually ate our egg salad sandwiches in pie plates lined with wax paper. I like it. It seems picnic-y!

The wire basket was a last minute impulse buy. Good thing my impulses lean towards the cheap. I'm not sure just what I'll do with it yet, but it spoke to me. Loader than THGGM, who was saying ENOUGH!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Two Dollars Worth of Fun

Eight items at 25 cents a piece.

What shall I DO with these treasures?

Let's see.., there are two tin pie plates. My plan for those is to line them with a sheet of waxed paper and use them for lunch on the weekends. I cannot account as to why, I just think lunch served that way is rather charming!

The string will go in my 'one can NEVER have to much string' stash.

The three pieces of fabric? The off-white could be rag doll body material. The red will go into my red fabric pile. It isn't a large pile. Yet.

The glass bottle has such a pretty stopper. Quite possible I shall run outside tomorrow and fill the bottle up with Lilies of the Valley. That stopper will look quite nice just laying next to them! Oh. And that little pouch with the tiny screw driver? I'm SUCH a sucker for those. All the tiny screws are still in there.

Wooden Paddle

Today I was able to leisurely stroll through three of my favorite thrift stores.

I found this nice wooden paddle. Not sure just what I will actually DO with it, but it seemed to fit into my wooden spoon collection nicely.

Connected to the paddle by a plastic loop was this thing.

What is it?

Maybe a nut cracker?

Thumb screw?


Friday, May 6, 2011

She Finds What She Is Looking For

For years now I've wanted one of these "Mother" pictures.
I've found a few at antique malls for around $12.99 or so, but I didn't want one that badly.This one I picked up today at my local thrift store.

It was only a dollar.

It is nicely matted and is in a silver colored metal frame which for reasons I can no longer remember I cropped out of the picture (now i remember. it was on a red tablecloth which made the frame look an odd color).


It was a year ago today that the events leading up to my mom's death on May 14 began.

I miss her.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Found a very nice library copy of Heidi. Wow. With illustrations by Jessie Willcox Smith. I think it's time I read this again.

(if you need me, i'll be in the backyard.)

I've Been Wanting These!

Actually, I've been looking for old "Uncle Remus" books, but finding The Complete Tales was still a joy! And, the illustrations are lovely.

Since I collect all manner of Klutz books, I was happy to find two that I don't already have. Klutz books are so handy to have around when learning something new. My hope is that these books will get much use as the grandchildren grow.

Oh. And the Susan Branch "Baby Love" book? I've wanted it since it first came out. And since I know someone expecting a baby two months from today, I just may be giving it up for a good cause!