Sunday, September 28, 2008

Worth the Wait

Oh! Look what I found!
I've been wanting this book for years.
The pictures are wonderful.
One of my favorite shops in the Lake Michigan coastal town of Saugatuck used to sell this book. While THGGM was admiring old building architecture, I would thumb through this book looking at the fabulous pictures.
Yesterday I found it at the thrift store for 29 cents.
I'm not as tight as I look, because I paid the FULL 29 cents for it and didn't wait until Wednesday when it would have been 15 cents.
You just have to know how to live.
For years I've been a fan of an unknown (to me) painter.
One of his paintings is in this book, and I was able to find out who this person is!
His name is Bernard Pothast (1882-1966),
I am THRILLED to know this.
This will make it easier to chase down prints. Much easier than saying, "I'm looking for a print by an artist who is probably Dutch and painted ordinary looking mothers with children."
And to think that I was informed by a 29 cent thrifted book.


Diane said...

I just love finds like this! There is such triumph in finding exactly what you wanted at the thrift store. It's a very nice book, btw.

Me said...

How cool is that.