Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rose Platter

Ooo. A rose platter!
One can NEVER have too many rose platters.
And, now I have one.

Isn't the detail pretty?
It isn't marked, but it has no chips. The gold oval in the center IS complete, it just doesn't show completely in the picture.
I like it. And, it was half price.
Half price day at the thrift store - always a thrill!

A Funny Little Bird

I haven't a clue what I shall do with this little plastic bird.
But, I LOVE it.
And it was a quarter.
Half price day at the thrift store is just SO much fun!
For the record (because there IS a record!) I stayed within my budget.

Candlesticks and Croquet Balls

This is a favorite of THGGM's.
Random glass candle sticks with old croquet balls resting precariously on top.
He has placed them in the center of the dining room table.
Too much work to move them all - so here they are - in most of my latest shots.

Little Lidded Pots

I found both of these for 99 cents.
They shall make great little storage bins for odds and ends.

I do wonder just what they say.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

What Say You?

The aqua embroidery hoops are two things I found for a dime a few Saturday's ago.
The rick-rack was in a bag of sewing notions from years ago.
I thrifted the vest a long time ago.
Now I'm wondering, if I simpy put it all together, could I make some interesting wall art for the 'guest room' that I'm trying to punch up with shots of red (see below)?
I'm imagening words embroidered in red also.
What do you think?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

See Through Saturday

Well. This is difficult.
I'd love to show you what I found thrifting today, but except for a few pieces of clothing for Famke, it was all glass!
That, I have found, makes for difficult picture taking.
I'm exceedingly happy with what I found.
These four plates (i set one on a patterned plate for your viewing pleasure, and because i really really like that pattern on the other plate).

I also found the two fostoria candle cups. I wonder just what I will do with them?
THGGM found a lovely glass vase and I found a tiny glass basket. By now I've given up on photographing see through stuff.
Four dollars for my glass finds. I don't remember how much THGGM paid for his vase.
There were a lot of people out shopping today. If I weren't such a shy wall-flower sort of person I would have tapped a few people on the shoulder and asked exactly where THEY had been on those miserable snow-stormy days when we braved the horrid weather and had the entire store mostly to ourselves.
At one place, I was constantly being trapped in tight corners by women who were much older than I. EVERYTHING brought back a memory of what their mom or grandma used to have. This reminded me of a sign that used to hang in an antique mall we used to frequent until it closed:
Hmmm. Maybe they'd still be around if they'd been a wee bit more customer friendly.

Monday, March 9, 2009

A Work in Progress

It's starting to come together! Someday, the sun will shine in here and I'll get some better pictures. I'll also have to dust. But, dust really does cut down on the glare! This is most definitely a work in progress. Hmm. I should post what it looks like AFTER Jonge and Famke are here tomorrow.

Both the dresser and the writing desk were flea or junk store finds. Both were hideous shades of green. THGGM gave them a few good coats of white spray paint.

Jack and Carter, getting weighed on the baby scale.
I found this for four dollars at the thrift store.
The quilt top is a piece THGGM's grandmother made out of her children's old clothes.

The Blue Room

These are tin cans lightly spray painted white.
I added a wire handle for hanging.
The pictures came from a thrifted book and are simply decoupaged on with modpodge.
They are two of my favorite things.

This is a tiny wicker doll clothes hamper.
I love it's chippy-ness!
The blue swan matches the room so well.

I found this picture in a thrifted baby book.
It's the cover art of a series of books by the author of the Bobbsey Twins.
I love the 'sea' theme.
The shadow box frame was purchased with a Michael's Craft Store coupon.
I cannot remember exactly where the shells came from, but I think they are from Daughter's trip to Aruba.

The "Baby" pillow case. Just the right colors!

For the Little Mommy

As I was putting Rabbit and Piglet away, I found Tigger!

So, the trio is happily hanging on the bedroom door waiting for Famke to discover them.

I found the little diaper bag a while back for $1.50. I had a cute little Kewpie Doll that fit nicely on the side.

Famke would have NOTHING at all to do with that. The Kewpie Doll, which she pronounces Peepee was promptly zipped INSIDE the diaper bag.

Maybe she will allow Piglet to hang off the side.

I cannot wait to find out!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

What To Do On a Rainy Saturday

It was a busy day at the thrift store. One could fill a paper bag with winter clothing for $5.00.

I'm so sick of winter clothes, I didn't even look at them.

Today's total was only $2.25.

Two books that I used to own, but loaned out and haven't seen since. Both are oldies, but goodies.

The cloth napkin will line a basket nicely, or, perhaps adorn a rag doll.

Rabbit was only 50 cents, and he was happy to meet up with the Piglet I found a week or so ago.

My favorite purchase? The bunny ears!

They were 50 cents also, and were still sporting the retail tag with a price of $2.99. They are in the dress-up drawer already. I hope someone besides me will want to wear them. Jonge and Famke aren't too keen on putting things on their heads, yet.

My kids had a rather large collection of plastic animal noses. I'm clueless as to what happened to those. I'll have to keep my eyes open for a bunny nose.

And look at the time! I just might make it to another thrift store yet today!

Ahhhhh.., Saturday.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cheap Isn't Just the Sound a Bird Makes

Quite some time ago I found this tiny tea cup for 99 cents.
It seemed perfect for holding a votive, which is exactly what it has been doing, on a shelf over my pink toilet (i still think 'over my pink toilet' is a terribly funny phrase).

For months I've been looking at two saucers at the thrift store.
Every time wondering if one would match my tiny tea cup.
Since I was coming in under budget Saturday, I added one to my pile.
It's a perfect match.
At a mere 50 cents.
Although I feel a bit wasteful, since had I bought it during the half price sale it would have been, well, let's do the math..,
(i'm not good at math)
...only a quarter.