Saturday, December 11, 2010

Snowman Mugs

Last weekend I found four more mugs to add to my Snowman Mug collection.
Every year I scan the mug shelves at the thrift store for these.
This year I found six for $20.00 at a local antique/consignment mall. THGGM said a firm "NO".
That's okay. He has to do that often or we would have nowhere to sit in our house.
But last weekend I found four for 50 cents a piece and snatched them up right away.
I'm up to nineteen.
My dream is to have enough for everybody at the family Christmas party, which means I still need a couple more.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bailey-Walker Pitcher

THGGM is sick. He NEVER gets sick, but today he has come down with something.
While he picked up a prescription, I went to my favorite thrift store, which is open until 7:00 on Thursdays.
There wasn't really anything in particular I was looking for, but on Saturday I had found six vintage flocked Shiny Brites and I was hoping there would be more. There were not. The ones I have refuse to be photographed. Except, of course, with ME as a bright shiny blob reflected in the middle of them.
So, besides the Occupied Japan piece I found (below) I also saw this large white pitcher.
It was marked, and that intrigued me.
According to what I've found on line, the stamp means it was made in December of 1930.
Now all I need is some fresh cut pine to stick in it! Merry Christmas to me!

Vintage Figurine

I bought her.
She is very homely, yet sweet looking.
And the price was right.
I'm not finding many 'Occupied Japan' pieces any more.
And especially not for $1.50.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fine Weekend Finds

Whew. It was a busy weekend, but I did manage to thrift shop. Found these five books. About the only one I have the energy to read tonight is the Cheerios book. I'm sure there are enough Cheerios scattered about that I needn't even open the pantry.

THGGM found two large wreaths which he has hanging on the carriage lights on either side of the garage door. I'd take a picture of those, but it is just too unbelievably cold out.