Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday Thrifting

Today was a good day for thrift shopping. I found the two little rockers and the purse basket for a dollar each.
I couldn't wait for 1/2 price Wednesday for these books! Two are by Alexandra Stoddard; Making Choices and Daring to Be Yourself. The other is by Tracey McBride; Frugal Luxuries. I hope to dive into all three of these tonight!


Me said...

You are too fun! I might expire of excitement.

You are also much better than I about recording and photographing your finds.

I've got some recent finds I really would like to post but first I've got to make myself photograph them.

I know it is weird but I hate photographing my house or things in a fashion that actually 'records' them.

I recently found a moon globe and I found a really cool globe of the earth on a fancy, fancy stand (I think I must have about twenty globes now).

Oh and I finally found a hands plate like you've got.

And I found a clinched fist vase.

And books, and books, and books.

And....oh I forgot an awesome chair painted in teal. I am adding gold and them I am going to put a midnight blue overall and then distress with vinegar. I bought the exact shade of teal courdouroy for the seat and gold braid to edge the seat with - it will be so cool.

And Tim said I NEEDED to go to Goodwill this week to get another discount coupon for taking the kids to the Renaissance Festival we haven't been since the year my grandfather died and he wants to go again.

I get to go to Goodwill!! :0

Simply Thrift said...

Oh, please do record your finds!

So many times I flip through my Plethora blog, and wonder...'hey! whatever happened to that!'

Before we had children, THGGM and I used to take pictures of the strangest things. How we could have possibly thought we would ever want a picture of an apple pie we baked - it makes no sense at all. But, I guess when one doesn't have kids, a pie can look awfully cute.

I have two nice sized globes and the small kind that is a bank. I've seen others, but there has always been a large man who comes between me and the globe saying "NO!"

I cannot wait to see your chair!