Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Go To The Head of the Idea File

Oh. Old games.
I am ever so crazy about them.
In my memory, I really do not remember playing board games all that much, but I DO remember playing WITH board games, a lot!
These people seem like long lost friends to me.
So, I bought them.
I have thought of so many things that I COULD do with these, that I'm almost afraid to commit to something and let all those other good ideas go to waste.
(and then i go into my basement, and think, i need to MAKE SOMETHING of all this stuff!)


Yvonne said...

No, no don't make anything out of that!!! Let me come over and play that game - it was my favorite one as a kid - I always wanted to be Sis - go on - ask me a question!!!

Judy said...

I'll put the coffee on?

I had a serious crush on the cowboy kid.

Me said...

put them on Popsicle sticks and make puppets for Jonge and Famke

Judy said...

Puppets! Great idea!

And, they would still be useable for play, when Yvonne comes over.