Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Hallway Vignette

Try as I may, I cannot get a decent picture of this.

Maybe it really doesn't look as good as I think it does. Some of my favorite finds are in this photograph. The old picture, the chintz pitcher with a somewhat matching pin dish, the cut-work hankie and the small plaque. The four game cubes spell out "HOPE", my chosen word for the year.

I've only had to rearrange the letters twice. Once it said HYPE and another time NOPE. There appear to be elves or fairies about.

So far I have found four etched-glass oval 'what-nots' that I would like to hang in each windowpane, but THGGM doesn't like that idea. I love the play of shadows when the morning sun shines in on them,

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nancyr said...

I love this vignette! So many people put way too much "stuff" together to display. This is Just Right!