Saturday, August 30, 2008

Fun Times

It can honestly be said that I am easily entertained.
I've stuck to my $5.00 thrift budget.
Be impressed! Be VERY impressed!
While THGGM wandered around 'downtown' Grandville, I was happily picking through treasures at "Somewhere In Thyme".
They have excellent merchandise turnover there.
I found a box of "Mammals of North America" flash cards for $1.50.
Quite a few of them seem suitable for bookmarks.
Not the same thrill as when I found the French flashcards, but really, not a bad find for a lazy Saturday afternoon.


Me said...

Those are pretty cool. I don't quite remember how you made your bookmarks but I've done it with cards where I just punch a whole through the top run some twine through the hole and then tie a button at the end of the loop to leave outside the book as a marker.

Judy said...

The box included cards from a variety of flashcard sets. I have A LOT of really ugly fish cards and some very interesting bugs. Not exactly mammals, but there were enough of those to make me happy.

For the French flashcard book marks - I backed them with strong cardstock, using a photo corner punch to attach them. Then, since they also had a small picture on the reverse, I punched either round or square holes so that those picture would be visable too.

But, with these I shall only be punching holes. I hadn't thought of adding a button - but I will be now!