Sunday, August 17, 2008

Blue Blue I Love Cobalt Blue

I unpacked my boxes of random cobalt blue glass.
Now that it is unwrapped, I have nowhere to put it.
So, it still remains on the kitchen table.
Except for the two lidded bottles in the front.
They have stuff in them still. This always scares me.
One is Dry Fly Dope. That can't be good.
The other looks like iodine, or something similar.
I've placed those high on a shelf in a closed cabinet for now.

I love the old blue medicine bottles.
They are still plentiful and cheap.

These are more recent acquisitions.
I'm not sure if I should use them for what they were intended, or turn them into button flower vases.
I fear that I am getting carried away with the spool people, because I just thought how cool would these be if I added a wooden bead with a face painted on it, and top it with the cover as a hat! It might be cute.
I've noted that there is a thin line separating too cute from really really stupid.
Hmmm. And, that last picture would look better if I hadn't misspelled my blog name.

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