Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thrift Store Clothes

When I began thrift shopping, it was only for books. Gradually I noticed there were other things in the store, things that I had previously looked for in antique stores only. NEVER did I look at the clothes. Then, when I was on the hunt for wool sweaters to felt, I found that there were clothes, but looking for them has never become a passion of mine.
Now, let me introduce you to The Husband God Gave Me, known here as THGGM.
I do not think he owns anything that is not a high end brand name. And he finds them all at thrift stores, and wears them proudly. He doesn't even set out to go looking for them, either. This is what he looks at while I am pouring through rows of books and unstacking the piles of neatly stacked china plates.
When he discovered me taking pictures of my piles of thrifted treasures on our dining room table he inquired as to why. So, I sucked in a deep breath of air and told him that I had started a blog in which to record my thrift finds.
To this he asked, "Would you like to take a picture of me with my clothes on?"
Honestly, I have NEVER taken any other kind.


Me said...

I have bought thrift clothes and ironically they end up being some of my favorite clothes but I can never get excited about shopping for them.

Claire, said...

I love you! I love this post. I love thrifting. I love my mother for loving thrifting and for giving me the gift, the thirst, the eye!

Simply Thrift said...

I do thrift for clothes, I just do not have the name-brand luck like THGGM does. He says that it is because not all that many men thrift shop for clothes. Sometimes Daughter points out to me that I dress like an old lady, but she is getting kinder about saying things like that, and I look the worse for it.

Claire - welcome!, and thanks for all the love!