Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekend Find

Saturday we took a quick trip to Holland.
I found a pair of Buster Brown baby shoes at the antique mall, which of course I purchased. I also found two EXCEPTIONAL buys which THGGM held me back from purchasing. It's hard to believe that my life will be worth living without these two things, but he tells me that it will, and mostly, I believe him.
We also went to Ditto.
And look what I found there! Four dinner plates, four sauces, and two cups to add to my set of Johnson Brothers White Regency dishes.


Rebecca said...

What a great "label" for this post!!

So what kind of Buster Brown shoes did you find? Do you collect them? (Maybe I could read your back posts and find an answer to my own question...)

What is "Ditto"?

~~Carol~~ said...

My husband wisely stays home when I go antique/thrift store shopping. He's a good one for trying to talk me out of buying things, and who needs that?!

aimee said...

Great finds! I have gotten great housewares at Ditto - I go there often.