Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rubber Type Printing Kit

Twice in my lifetime I have paid to have a rubber stamp made of my address.
Twice I have had to move shortly after.
So you can imagine my reluctance to buy another address stamp.

But look at this! Why, I can freely move from place to place and just swap out the address. How handy is this?
So I now have an address stamp. Although THGGM was quick to point out that we rarely send out anything that requires a stamped return address anymore, but WHATEVER.

I also made one that says "Judy made this!"
Although I'm not exactly sure why.


Rebecca said...

I'm sure I would have told myself, "The grandkids will have fun with this!"

(They DO have fun with the old non-electric typewriter I found.)

aimee said...

I'm a sucker for rubber stamp sets, especially those with letters/numbers, so I would have bought this as well!

Anonymous said...

A while back I found a box with the letters& I got it. a couple days later I stoppped back and found the stamp......made my day =-D

your cus,