Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Thrifty Pair of Lamps

This will still require a bit of tweaking, but aren't the lamps perfect there? THGGM thinks so. I saw them at Love's Treasures for $10 a piece. That seemed like a very good price for a nice pair of lamps.

But, not being an impulse buyer (snicker) nor a spend thrift (snicker again, as i ONLY spend on thrift) I did not buy them. But I did show them to THGGM.

On Saturday I spend a bit of time thinking about these lamps. So did THGGM (occasionally we do have deep thoughts, but then i get a migraine and he gets depressed so we do try to avoid that. okay. okay. snicker away!) Unbeknownst (i think that unbeknownst is an extremely good word) to me THGGM was also thinking about them. So, out we headed in hopes that the pair were still there.

Somehow we remembered that cash was required, but not that Love's Treasures closes at 2:00 on Saturday.

Yesterday after working all day THGGM and Jonge set out to Hudsonville to see if the pair of lamps were still available. And they were. How's that for a long boring story with a happy ending?

I think they look very nice here, and will look even better once they both have the same kind of light bulb in them.


Scarlett Fontaine said...

Lovely lamps and yes they look beautiful there :o) Scarlett x

rebecca said...

Great lamps AND a lovely plaque! I think the pair was definitely worth the extra thought and trip :)

aimee said...

Beautiful lamps - and a beautiful room as well! You have lovely taste! Glad the lamps were still waiting for you.