Saturday, March 7, 2009

What To Do On a Rainy Saturday

It was a busy day at the thrift store. One could fill a paper bag with winter clothing for $5.00.

I'm so sick of winter clothes, I didn't even look at them.

Today's total was only $2.25.

Two books that I used to own, but loaned out and haven't seen since. Both are oldies, but goodies.

The cloth napkin will line a basket nicely, or, perhaps adorn a rag doll.

Rabbit was only 50 cents, and he was happy to meet up with the Piglet I found a week or so ago.

My favorite purchase? The bunny ears!

They were 50 cents also, and were still sporting the retail tag with a price of $2.99. They are in the dress-up drawer already. I hope someone besides me will want to wear them. Jonge and Famke aren't too keen on putting things on their heads, yet.

My kids had a rather large collection of plastic animal noses. I'm clueless as to what happened to those. I'll have to keep my eyes open for a bunny nose.

And look at the time! I just might make it to another thrift store yet today!

Ahhhhh.., Saturday.

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