Monday, March 9, 2009

A Work in Progress

It's starting to come together! Someday, the sun will shine in here and I'll get some better pictures. I'll also have to dust. But, dust really does cut down on the glare! This is most definitely a work in progress. Hmm. I should post what it looks like AFTER Jonge and Famke are here tomorrow.

Both the dresser and the writing desk were flea or junk store finds. Both were hideous shades of green. THGGM gave them a few good coats of white spray paint.

Jack and Carter, getting weighed on the baby scale.
I found this for four dollars at the thrift store.
The quilt top is a piece THGGM's grandmother made out of her children's old clothes.


nancyr said...

Looks like Jack (or Carter) has four arms!
Love the room. It looks so inviting. A good place to hang out, with a good book!

Me said...

Love the suitcases - I have that book "Babies" I think it is incredibly sweet.