Saturday, March 14, 2009

See Through Saturday

Well. This is difficult.
I'd love to show you what I found thrifting today, but except for a few pieces of clothing for Famke, it was all glass!
That, I have found, makes for difficult picture taking.
I'm exceedingly happy with what I found.
These four plates (i set one on a patterned plate for your viewing pleasure, and because i really really like that pattern on the other plate).

I also found the two fostoria candle cups. I wonder just what I will do with them?
THGGM found a lovely glass vase and I found a tiny glass basket. By now I've given up on photographing see through stuff.
Four dollars for my glass finds. I don't remember how much THGGM paid for his vase.
There were a lot of people out shopping today. If I weren't such a shy wall-flower sort of person I would have tapped a few people on the shoulder and asked exactly where THEY had been on those miserable snow-stormy days when we braved the horrid weather and had the entire store mostly to ourselves.
At one place, I was constantly being trapped in tight corners by women who were much older than I. EVERYTHING brought back a memory of what their mom or grandma used to have. This reminded me of a sign that used to hang in an antique mall we used to frequent until it closed:
Hmmm. Maybe they'd still be around if they'd been a wee bit more customer friendly.

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