Thursday, January 1, 2009

Thrifty Bathroom

It is really hard to get a good picture inside of a teeny tiny half-bath.
I'm not sure if we have upgraded this bathroom, or downgraded it.
We took off perfectly good shimmery/glossy butterfly wallpaper (it only took us a year) and finally finished painting it - today!
The color is called 'cornmeal' and I love it.
The valance at the window is a small Shabby Chic piece I found for a dollar. I thought it would make cute doll slips. Someday, it still may.
Today I made the flowered valance and the sink skirt. For that I used an old piece of material that I thrifted years ago. It has been many different things around here.
It's last purpose was a cushion cover on an old chair.
The three small pictures THGGM bought off the wall in a bathroom at an antique mall. Can't remember where the shelf came from, it's been around a loooong time.

The room also had a perfectly good, yet ugly, medicine cabinet. THGGM ripped it out of the wall and added this thrifted piece. We left the old lights. I think they are kind of cool. My collection of cobalt glass odds and ends are in the hole left by the inset from the old medicine cabinet and are also perched on top of it. I cannot get far enough back to get a decent picture of it.
The sink skirt is my favorite addition. It nicely hides the wastepaper basket and a bench.
Please do not look closely at my sewing. I broke every rule. I DO now iron when I sew, but I didn't use any pins. Pins hurt. THGGM added the pleat. My plan was to have it be all bunchy, but he is opinionated - and often right. Often. Not always.

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Karen said...

Such a cute bathroom. I love the valance with the petticoat.