Sunday, January 18, 2009

Satuday Thrift Shopping

Last Saturday I had the flu and was unable to thrift shop.
This week, I spent FOUR hours attempting to sell my blood plasma. I thought I was going to go insane from all of the waiting. Really. How hard can it be to wait where all that is required is to read a good book until your name is called.
I have problems sitting still. Oh, I can sit and read for loooong periods of time, but I have to move around which is hard to do in an office of other people who are tired of waiting (think THGGM).
So, once we were set free (truly it IS a lovely office) having STILL not donated any blood, I felt the NEED to thrift shop. I stuck to my budget of $5.00 and did pretty well. You can browse at your leisure through the following few posts to see my finds.
But, this little what-not pictured above is what I made while those pictures below were uploaded. Something from the catch-all drawer on my desk in the kitchen.
The 'pink' is the bandage that was wrapped around my arm yesterday after my blood was tested. It reminded me of crape paper. The beauty of it is that it sticks to itself. In the drawer I found a slightly painted peat pot, a drawing of a vintage baby decoupaged onto a wooden disk and a wire from some packaging.
Not sure why I am posting this, except that I love how it looks. Another item to add to my increasingly large pile of things that I have made but have absolutely no idea what to do with.


Alaine said...

Do you want me to save that wierd sticky bandage stuff for you? I just threw a wod of the pink away!

Jayme said...

The only thing you need to do with your beautifully made projects is gaze at them with adoration. That's what I do. We all need our little hobbies to keep us happy. I love your little basket!