Sunday, January 18, 2009


One of my favorite kinds of children's books is alphabet books. Jonge is starting to ask a lot of questions about words and letters, and he LOVES to follow each word as I read it. Oh, and did you notice that this book has a "Simply Thrift" page? Even more delightful!

"Living with Folk Art" - I almost passed on this one, but then I thought what a good deal it is to find decorating books that never really go out of style. Folk Art, by it's very nature cannot go out of style. Can it? I think not. I spent most of Saturday evening thumbing through this.

Can't pass up a book by Philip Gulley. I'm already several chapters into this one and I'm feeling less depressed about life in general.

Philip Gulley and Christopher deVinck are such good writers about family life from a man's perspective.

I buy both of these authors every chance I get.

They "know things" and share it in ways that help you to understand life better.

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