Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thrifting for Grandchildren

I did fairly well at the thrift store on Saturday.

I found the puppy puppet for 75 cents.

He is a hand-puppet, but the hands around here are still rather small, and the finger puppets appear to work better.

Puppets do not seem like they could possibly be TOO terribly hard to make. I'm thinking that I'm just not quite ready to prove that idea wrong.

For the homemade variety of puppets I do believe I shall stick with the paper bag or sock kind. For now. Jonge and Famke had a delightful time playing puppet show. And I had a great time watching them. Oh, you can learn A LOT watching a three year old give a puppet show.

I have quite a few of the little finger puppets now. A few I found at a Carter Outlet store. The rest of them came in bags with other little toys for 25 cents.
I'm thinking I should keep a few in my purse so I can entertain myself when I am donating blood plasma.
It's a thought.

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The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

I used to knit finger puppets when my friends had preschoolers. Those are great finds!