Saturday, January 31, 2009

All This for a Dollar

I believe that I did very well thrift shopping today!
Such treasures in abundance!
A Little Golden book by Eloise Wilkin. I can never pass those up. Not for a quarter.
A Suzy Spafford book! Oh, I like her so very very much! So much so that I once had a dream about all of her cutsy little characters.
"People" by Peter Spier. There is just SO much to see in this book. I have a copy in hardcover also. Presently I cannot see so well, so it's helpful to have more than one copy of this type of book. One for Jonge and Famke to hold between them, and one for me to 'put on my face' as Jonge likes to say, while Famke demonstrates.
I have some sewing shapes, but all of the strings it came with didn't offer much contrast. These brightly colored ones should do the trick nicely.
Not shown, because they just looked boring in the picture, are a baggy of little die which were also a quarter and a nice roll of thin blue ribbon.
Clothes were buy one get one free, so I picked up four cute little boy things.
And spent $5.20.

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