Sunday, December 21, 2008

Vintage Toy Find

I've yet to go to a mall this holiday season. I DO have to pick up a couple of gifts sometime before Christmas, but Saturday was not the day for that.
Two stores were all I could handle. One was Mynard's which had Christmas decor for 50% off.
The other was my favorite Thrift Store, where I found this Fisher Price Little Snoopy from 1965.
It cost one dollar.
I've pulled him through the house a few times already, but I think THGGM is questioning my sanity more and more each time I return from thrift shopping.
Anyway, I think he's cute. He has a charming 'squeaker' which still works (little snoopy, that is).

1 comment:

Alaine said...

Yay! I LOVED my little snoopy. They aren't nearly as fun now...all plastic.

Great find...and I'd pull it around the house too. :)