Monday, December 15, 2008

Fantastic Find for Famke

Saturday I made it to my favorite thrift stores, hoping to find something, anything, vintage.
I found two sets of dishes, but not quite in my $5.00 budget.
I did find this sweet little gingerbread girl outfit in Famke's size.
I didn't notice until today when I showed it to Daughter that it was new! The tag was still attached with the $20.00 price tag! That made me even happier, as I paid less than $2.00 for it.

Now, if only Famke had liked it!
She spilled a tiny cup of water all down the front of the cute little clothes she was wearing. Since it is insufferably cold here today, I quickly changed her into this.
I'm think she thought I was putting pajamas on her. She kept pulling at the sleeve saying "NO! NO! NO!"
Actually, she was probably thinking that she does not plan to spend the rest of her childhood wearing weird things her grandma finds at thrift stores. Should I tell her I saved the gingerbread cookie earrings that her mommy used to wear? Probably not. I'll save that for another year.

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