Saturday, December 13, 2008

Over My Pink Toilet

Today I went to my favorite thrift store AND my favorite antique store. My favorite finds were these three tiny bottle brush trees.
I'd recently been looking through a Christmas book that showed the small trees in tiny tea cups and I thought..,HEY!
So, for just a few bucks I was able to spruce up the chippy white shelf over my pink toilet. (hmmm. 'over my pink toilet'. i believe i could use that phrase from time to time in a delightfully humorous way...)
I set the Sugar Plum Fairy in there too, just because she is the correct shade of pink, and her tree hanger broke off from the top of her head (and i think i have problems...).


Karen said...

I love your pink bathroom. And how sweet to have it decorated for Christmas. Over My Pink Toilet -- could be another blog:)

Alaine said...

Over My Pink Toilet...hehehe. Once again I'm laughing (WITH YOU).

I was thinking this morning that I'd like to paint my kitchen table Robin's Egg Blue. I wonder how that'd look with my Sasparilla walls (well, when I ever get around to actually painting them). And then I thought, What would Judy do? I think you'd do it.