Sunday, December 7, 2008


Let's see. There is a lot of thrifted stuff in this picture.
First, the piano. Free. It was even delivered for free. And, as THGGM tells it, it will NEVER leave this spot. It's terribly out of tune, but then, so am I. Me and my piano get along fabulously.
I found a great copy of Handel's Messiah for 25 cents. The Little Golden books were the same price, even though one of them is a first edition.
The candelabras were antique store finds and great bargains. I have several others. I would not dare light candles in them (thggm would, but not me) so I have placed Christmas balls in them. They reflect the light nicely.
The colored swags flung haphazardly on top of the piano were clearance finds at a great little store in Sutton's Bay. Yes, even on our May trip I was thinking 'Christmas'.
The three pictures are from an old hymn book. I stippled them with brown ink to get an even more aged look (no. i don't stipple myself. my aged look is natural.) The frames were a set of four that THGGM found and painted black. The mats were 90% off after Christmas one year.
I did pay full price for the letters. 99 cents each and painted black. They are just stuck to the glass with double-sided tape.
Just this week THGGM finally nailed the pictures to the wall. I guess this means they are staying there, too.

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Bon said...

That corner of your room looks so neat. You sure have a knack of being able to decorate on a dime. Way to go.