Thursday, July 5, 2012

Cute Sevres Plate

Last week THGGM had the week off.  We spent some time thrift shopping
and antiquing along the shores of Lake Michigan.  And look what I
found!  A Sevres plate!

See?  It says Sevres right on the bottom,
just like the mug I bought in May.

Same picture too!

The picture on the mug is much clearer.

On the plate I just purchased the little Dutch girl looks as
if she might be a bit sick to her stomach.  Oh, well.  I love
her just the same!


Mari said...

You did great - I love it!

Rebecca said...

Oh, these are so unusual, aren't they? And I have Big Bird, too. And Ernie and Bert and I think Oscar....but not the other ones YOU mentioned...