Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cute Doll

Took a trip to Ditto today.
There I found this adorable doll for $2.50.
I don't really NEED anymore dolls, but I could just tell that she needed me.
Just look at that pout!
And that tear!
I do not have tears, so I find them intriguing, even on a doll.
When I got her home I found some information on her neck.

She is a White Balloon doll, manufactured in Spain.

Her name is Milly.

I really like her.  Hope my Big Doll doesn't get all kinds of jealous over this.


Mitzi said...

You sure find the neatest things. I have been tempted to thrift store shop in Holland too, but just can't leave the a/c. Are you as tired of the heat as I am? And at least another week of 90's ahead of us!!!

Simply Thrift said...

I am tired OF the heat, and tired FROM the heat. It's July 14 and I've already had enough summer.
Ditto did have a lot of great stuff. So glad we popped in there.

Rebecca said...

Serendipitous for sure! I wouldn't have been able to pass her up either.