Saturday, May 21, 2011

Just What I Wanted!

I've been looking for a paper suitcase to make a 'traveling dollhouse' for Famke. Last weekend I tried the craft store, but found nothing that I could even use to improvise.
Today, I only went into ONE thrift store, and LOOK WHAT I FOUND!

A super cute paper suitcase! Can you believe it?!

I wasn't sure about the meaning of the granny square until I opened it up to take a peek inside.

Not only is it a kit for making granny squares, someone already made them and left them inside! And, with two crochet hooks, a scissors, a darning needle, and some pins and needles (which I found the hard way).

All for $2.00.

Seriously. I just cannot get over how I seem to find what I am looking for, and for soooo cheap.

And if you haven't already purchased it, Amy Powers "Inspired Ideas - the Happy Birthday Issue" is where I found the idea for the traveling dollhouse, and much, Much, MUCH more!


Melissa said...


Prairie Homemaker said...

We used to sell that set in the toy store I worked in. It was not cheap!
I love the idea of a traveling doll house!

aimee said...

Would have been a terrific find even if it hadn't come with the granny squares and the sewing supplies inside! And how cool that you found just the item you'd been wanting. Perhaps your kindness toward your grandchildren is being rewarded.