Saturday, May 14, 2011

Two Dollars Worth of Fun

Eight items at 25 cents a piece.

What shall I DO with these treasures?

Let's see.., there are two tin pie plates. My plan for those is to line them with a sheet of waxed paper and use them for lunch on the weekends. I cannot account as to why, I just think lunch served that way is rather charming!

The string will go in my 'one can NEVER have to much string' stash.

The three pieces of fabric? The off-white could be rag doll body material. The red will go into my red fabric pile. It isn't a large pile. Yet.

The glass bottle has such a pretty stopper. Quite possible I shall run outside tomorrow and fill the bottle up with Lilies of the Valley. That stopper will look quite nice just laying next to them! Oh. And that little pouch with the tiny screw driver? I'm SUCH a sucker for those. All the tiny screws are still in there.


Rebecca said...

Lunch in a pie tin?! Who would have thunk it? And I like the lily-of-the-valley in a bottle idea. (In fact, I may copy that later today if the rain stops.)

I have a drawer full of "you can never have too much ofs".

One of the things I can never have too much of is the wooden tools like in your previous post. I have a paddle or two like that...and NO idea of what that other contraption is -- but I would have sprung for it myself!

Jacquelyn Stager said...

Lunch in a pie tin! Yep, I'm going to be a copycat too! You've got my wheels turning here!