Sunday, November 2, 2008

Riley Poems

I still cannot believe that I found this exceptional copy of "A Child-World" by James Whitcomb Riley for only $4.00.
If you don't recognize his name, you are likely to be familiar with what he has written. Does "when the frost is on the punkin" ring a bell with you?
Anyway, it wasn't until AFTER I purchased it that I realized it was an autographed copy. I had noticed the beautiful handwriting and that was enough for me, but an autographed
This does not appear to be one of a numbered limited edition that recently sold for $500.00, but another volume of his sold at an estate auction for $140.00.
Oh, and the birth-death years were added in blue ink, and the book was passed on to the first recipient's grandson.
I really do find treasure everywhere!