Sunday, November 16, 2008

Oh! Looky What I Found!

I collect these little plaque thingies. They are getting VERY hard to find.
Yesterday I went into my favorite thrift store and I found one! I nearly fainted (although that might have been because i had waaay too much coffee). Then, I turned it over to see the price and it was 25 cents.
Oh, yes. I was a happy girl. Even better was the Bible verse, which I greatly needed by the end of the day. Sometime I may write about it on my Anybody Home blog ( but I just can't, yet.

I also found the crochet pot-holder dress. It looks to be new. That too was 25 cents. I crochet. It's worth waaay more than that!
Anyway. I also made the doll. Hard to get a good picture of her today. She is a thrifty girl. Her body is from fabric I paid a quarter for, the shirt is from a Ralph Lauren thrifted sheet, the stuffing was purchased at the thrift store last night, her pants are cut from an old pair of crop pants of mine. Let's see.., what else.., oh.., her face is loosely based on a transfer pattern for a potholder. The face reminded me of Famke. I haven't decided on her hair yet, so I wrapped her head in a thrifted embroidered hanky. She seems to like it.

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Me said...

I need you to come here and teach me how to be the kind and wonderful person that you are.

I fall soooo short of that.


Just in case your family doesn't appreciate you, yet, I will thank you for them.

If only you knew how not kind I feel sometimes - esp. to a certain person who I live with. :(